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Cybercriminals from Ransomedvc claim to have completely hacked Sony

A previously unknown ransomware gang claims to have copied data from Sony and threatens to sell it unless a ransom is paid.

The hackers of Ransomedvc claim to have successfully targeted Sony’s IT systems and extracted data in a statement on their darknet website. They are now seeking a ransom and threatening to release the info.

False Self-Perception

The crooks present themselves as pentesters looking to be paid for hacking into IT systems in their statement. Furthermore, they say that their acts are carried out in strict accordance with data privacy legislation. They also intend to denounce the victim for a violation of data protection legislation to the European Data Protection Authority General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Of course, all of this is rubbish, and the crooks are only interested in money.

They claim to have compromised Sony’s whole system.

If Sony does not pay, they intend to sell the stolen data. As proof, they are making a small portion of the loot available for download on their website. This is believed to include, among other things, screenshots of corporate login pages and PowerPoint presentations.

So far, no confirmation of the data’s legitimacy has been provided. Sony has not yet responded to the allegations.

Among those who have posted the message on X include security researcher Troy Hunt, who runs the website Have I Been Pwned (HIBP). On HIBP, you may see if your email address or password has already featured in data dumps.

Not the First Hack agsinst Sony

Sony has been the subject of multiple IT breaches, each of which resulted in illegal access to consumer data: in 2014, attackers were able to copy a large amount of data from Sony Pictures. In 2011, consumer data was collected from the Playstation Network.

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