Cybercrime: Motel One under attack

A blackmailing group launches an attack on the hotel chain MotelOne

On the dark web, 6 terabytes’ worth of confidential information belonging to the MotelOne hotel company can be accessed by anyone. There is information about booking and making payments, in addition to internal accesses. MotelOne confirmed the attack on Twitter/X.

It would appear that the notorious cybercrime syndicate known as AlphV has penetrated the MotelOne hotel chain’s network. The thieves boast on their page on the dark web that they have obtained more than 6 gigabytes worth of data. In order to provide evidence of their theft, AlphV displays screenshots of correspondence as well as internal access data.

Information gleaned from a recent break-in

The alleged Russian ransomware group is said to have, among other things, obtained booking confirmations from the preceding three years, as stated in the group’s own statement.

The screenshots show papers, some of which are relatively recent; hence, this was a recent breach, and not an earlier backup that is now being portrayed as a leak in the media. There are also screenshots of Excel spreadsheets that contain access to internal and third-party backends such as the hotel service site HRS. These can be found with PDFs of MotelOne correspondence.

As far as can be verified, the information that is published on the darknet appears to be real. AlphV is also not known for bluffing or fakes and has uploaded captured patient photographs, for example. As a result, it is safe to conclude that the private access information and payment card details are authentic.

The cybercrime group offer MotelOne deadline 

The cybercrime group offer MotelOne a deadline of five days and mention that the management of the hotel chain has already been alerted about the situation. After that, according to the crooks, there will be a catastrophe, which is presumably the publishing of further data.

MotelOne has announced on the short message service X that it has confirmed the issue and stated that it has informed all of individuals who were impacted.

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